Coach Hahn


Graduated from Newman University in 2010.I have played just about every sport offered in high school; volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and marching band (yes, I think it should be considered as a sport because we are on the field early mornings and evenings).  I have coached all of the above sports, minus band.  In total, I have coached some type of sport for roughly 20 years; whether it be a recreational sport at GC Rec, a traveling team my daughter has played on, or for USD 457 and USD 216.  I love coaching!!!

My greatest sports accomplishment doesn't revolve around wins, but rather that the girls / boys (did coach baseball for several years) or team continuously improved each practice or game.  I also find that the relationships built with my former players is quite the accomplishment as well.  Sometimes it's a love/hate relationship because of how high my expectations are of the individual, but in the end, they know that I try to make them a better athlete / team member every day!

This is my second year coaching the Lady Spartans High School Volleyball team and my first year as the FACS teacher for MS / HS students.