We came out tonight in the first round of Sub-State against a good Ingalls team and played with some good energy on the offensive end. I would say it was one of our best performances on the offensive end in terms of a team. We moved the ball well, moved as a team well, found the open individual, and took open shots. We made a decent amount of shots as well. Unfortunately, we had one of our worst nights on the defensive end and allowed Ingalls to shoot a high percentage from the field; some of that was they just made shots and were guarded, but we also allowed them to get around the rim too much either by not rebounding or giving up the dribble drive. 

Our girls set goals at the start of the year, and why we did not accomplish those goals, I am proud that they set them and worked to try and achieve them. Without goals, you are just walking around without a purpose in sports and life. It hurts when you fail, but as we discussed after the game, what is more important is how they respond to that failure. 

We will miss our two Seniors, Ingrid and Audrey, but we have a lot of girls returning next year and will add some more from the middle school. Lady Spartan Basketball has the opportunity to go as far as these ladies want to take it and sacrifice to get better. We are excited to see what they do in the offseason as we prepare for next year. We want to thank the Spartan Community for all their support and the parents, guardians, cheerleaders, and school staff as well as our HS/MS Principal Mr. Parker and AD Mr. Moreno.