Spirit Spreader

On August 31, the Middle and High School Spartan Cheerleaders attended the annual Spirit Spreader event at the Dodge City Civic Center. This year there were approximately 500 students at the event.  That's a lot of spirit in one gym!  Our two cheer teams learned new material and skills and participated in team building with the UCA Varsity staff.  While our students were improving and growing their excitement for leading our fans at our sporting events, the coaches were learning too.  They attended the rules meeting where Craig Manteuffel, the KSHSAA Spirit Director, presented rule changes and safety information.  This was also a great time for area coaches to collaborate and network with each other.  Overall it was an excellent day for Spartan Cheer.  We always look forward to this event; in addition to all the learning we walk away with, we also have lots of fun with other cheerleaders from southwest Kansas and make some fantastic memories along the way.