On Monday, the 4th-grade class had a fun math lesson working on solving a real-world problem. Mrs. Long explained to her class that she had bought 115 bales of hay. She sold 20 to her brother and has to keep 10 for rodeo events in the summer. This left her with only 85 bales of hay. Those 85 bales have to last her till September. Mrs. Long asked the 4th-grade class to help her figure out how many flakes are in a bale of hay, and they came out with a rough estimate of 14 flakes per bale. She then told them she would like to feed her horses two flakes per day, and she has two horses. The students then had to figure out for Mrs. Long if she had enough hay to last till September. After all the student's problem solved, and they talked about their answers, they estimated that Mrs. Long would need 72-75 bales to feed both her horses until September.